Crest Point for Consultancy and Development (CPCD)

Crest Point for Consultancy and Development (CPCD)


Organisation Type: Consultancy Firm

About Us

Crest Point for Consultancy and Development (CPCD) is an independent international company that aims to bring about data-driven, lasting, and sustainable developments for clients, partners, and communities, thus ensuring a more accountable and evidence-based programming. CPCD was founded in 2018 by experts from various nationalities with extensive experience working for different donors, agencies, and partners including UNICEF, IOM, FAO, WFP, DFID, OFDA, USAID, EU, MoFA, ACF, MENTOR, Islamic Relief, Chemonics, GIZ, OFDA, SCI.

CPCD is currently operating in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Turkey, Libya, and Lebanon with plans to expand further in the region. The company provides a range of services, including:

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E)

Research and assessment

Capacity building

Project management

Technical assistance

CPCD's work is guided by the following principles:






CPCD is committed to working with its partners to achieve lasting and sustainable development outcomes. The company believes that data-driven programming is essential for achieving these outcomes, and that it is important to build the capacity of local partners to design and implement effective programs. CPCD is also committed to working in a transparent and accountable manner, and to ensuring that its work is aligned with the needs of the communities it serves.