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The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations is a specialized agency that leads international efforts to defeat hunger and improve nutrition and food security. Its aim is to ensure that people have regular access to enough high-quality food to lead active, healthy lives. The FAO's mandate is to raise levels of nutrition, improve agricultural productivity, better the lives of rural populations, and contribute to the growth of the world economy.

In Yemen, the FAO works with partners to address food insecurity and malnutrition amidst the ongoing conflict, which has severely disrupted the country's agriculture sector, leading to widespread hunger and famine conditions in some areas. The FAO's role in Yemen includes:

  1. Emergency agricultural and livestock assistance: This includes providing essential agricultural inputs, such as seeds, fertilizers, and veterinary supplies, to enable farming households to produce food and generate income.
  2. Livelihoods support: FAO helps vulnerable rural families protect and strengthen their livelihoods through activities like cash-for-work and small-scale backyard farming.
  3. Nutrition: FAO works to improve nutrition, particularly for women and children, through education and promoting the production of nutrient-rich foods.
  4. Resilience building: FAO aims to enhance the resilience of communities to shocks, such as conflict, natural disasters, and disease outbreaks, by supporting sustainable agricultural practices and natural resource management.
  5. Policy and coordination: FAO supports policy development, facilitates coordination among partners, and conducts analyses to better understand food security, nutrition, and livelihood conditions.

Through these efforts, FAO helps to alleviate immediate food security needs while also contributing to the longer-term development and resilience of Yemen's agriculture sector.

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