Organisation Type: International NGO

About Us

FHI 360 is a non-profit human development organization that works to improve lives in sustainable ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions. FHI 360 stands for Family Health International 360, and it was originally founded in 1971 as an organization focused on family planning and reproductive health. Over the years, FHI 360 has expanded its scope to encompass a wide range of areas, including health, education, economic development, governance, and humanitarian assistance.

FHI 360 works in collaboration with governments, civil society organizations, the private sector, and other partners to address the complex challenges faced by communities around the world. Their projects and programs aim to promote health and well-being, strengthen education systems, foster economic opportunity, support good governance, and respond to crises and humanitarian emergencies.

The organization implements research, technical assistance, and capacity-building initiatives to support evidence-based interventions and sustainable development solutions. FHI 360 operates in more than 60 countries and has a diverse workforce of experts in fields such as public health, social and behavioral sciences, education, and more.

Overall, FHI 360 strives to create positive and lasting impact by working with local communities and stakeholders to address pressing global development issues and improve the lives of people worldwide.