UN-HABITAT - United Nations Human Settlements Programme

UN-HABITAT - United Nations Human Settlements Programme


Organisation Type: UN Agency

About Us

UN-HABITAT, or the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, is a United Nations agency that is responsible for promoting socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities. Its goal is to provide adequate shelter for all, with its mandate defined by the Vancouver Declaration on Human Settlements (HABITAT I, 1976), the Istanbul Declaration on Human Settlements (HABITAT II and the Habitat Agenda, 1996), the Declaration on Cities and Other Human Settlements in the New Millennium (General Assembly resolution S-25/2, 2001), and the General Assembly resolution 56/206.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, UN-HABITAT's work in Yemen has focused on supporting the country as it navigates the challenges of ongoing conflict, which has had a devastating impact on housing and infrastructure. Specifically, UN-HABITAT's programs in Yemen have aimed at providing emergency shelter and supporting the rehabilitation of housing, public buildings, and essential infrastructure, like water and sanitation systems, which have been damaged or destroyed during the conflict.

UN-HABITAT has also been working to support local governance in Yemen, with a particular focus on urban planning and management to ensure that reconstruction and development efforts are sustainable and resilient. In addition, UN-HABITAT programs in Yemen have promoted livelihood opportunities in the construction sector, both to boost local economies and to meet the urgent need for rebuilding.